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CSI Stars: Archie Kao and Liz Vassey

We tuned into an episode of CSI (Las Vegas) because we can leave it on the background and know there is something mildly fascinating to watch. The episode happened to be The Panty Sniffer from the current season (10).

It started out kind of promising when the person who stumbled upon the dead body was Archie Johnson (played by Archie Kao).  Would he have a bigger part than usual? Not really. Ian Anthony Dale guest starred, looking unusually greasy.

I kind of forget that Archie Kao has a recurring role in CSI and Tim Kang has a one on The Mentalist–way to go!–CSI I’ll catch, stopping on the channel but not knowing if it is a new episode or a rerun, The Mentalist I watch not at all. And they have logged an impressive number of episodes, ~87 for Archie in 9 seasons and ~46 for Tim in 3 seasons. In the case of Archie Kao, he doesn’t have a big enough part for me to try to catch the sensational show every week.

In watching The Panty Sniffer episode, I saw Liz Vassey, playing Wendy Simms and couldn’t put my finger on her name, thinking she looks an awful lot like Lindsay Price, but I would know if Lindsay Price was on a new show! I did the same thing last time I saw Liz Vassey in a CSI episode, wondered, got faked out, and then looked it up on IMDB.

One question I haven’t seen answered on the Internet: “Is Liz Vassey Eurasian?” It’s cool, too, if she’s not.

Thing is, I saw Liz Vassey in a soap opera, All My Children, when I was following that drama and she appeared in, apparently, just 10 episodes in 1990-92 (when she was about 20 years old), the fourth Emily Ann Sago actress to work with that show. Looking back at some stills that you can find on the Internet, I hardly recall the awful hairstyles and kind of remember her the way she looks now. She aged really well–or was it surgery?–and is a true pleasure for me to watch on-screen.

And, sad to hear, Liz Vassey is leaving CSI after this season, after ~78 episodes in 5 seasons. I hope she finds even better work in the future!

2 comments to CSI Stars: Archie Kao and Liz Vassey

  • Go!Go! http://www.gleek-out.com wishes Archie Kao all the best in the new CSI season!

  • eu acho que a serie CSI, é uma das melhores que assistir em minha vida,eu me prendo em frente a TV para ver a equipe mais maravilhosa e desempenha o personagem com tanta convicção, que parecem policiais de verdade,adoro todos em especial o Archie eu o amo muito e torço para que ele tenha mais participação nos próximos capítulos.estou sentindo falta pois não está passando na minha cidade.

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