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The hot guys of 90210

Those wonderful dramas geared for teenaged girls–you know which ones I’m talking about, Gossip Girl, 90210, Vampire Diaries, etc.–can have casts lacking in diversity. Lots of blonde girls, perfect Ken-doll boys.

A couple of guest stars on 90210 have made things more interesting….

Manish Dayal (whose original name is Manish Sudhir Patel) plays Raj/Raymond Millbury whom Ivy meets in a hemp shop. She’s on a slippery slope to being dependent on marijuana to get away from her stress and “difficult life”. He seems to be an older version of her, as non-chalant about his future, blowing everything off for his next fix–making him the most fun Asian character on television! But, not surprisingly, there is a story to his habit, that is he smokes marijuana to alleviate the pain following chemotherapy and he has late-stage terminal leukemia. That was revealed in his second episode, Blue Naomi, so I’m sure he will be back to see the story through.

Josh Zuckerman plays Max, Naomi’s chemistry lab partner. Of course she shuns him to begin with but his curiosity and wide intellect helps her out and impresses her. In the most recent episode, Naomi presses the issue after she’s shown her feelings to him and been rejected. In an unexpected moment of vulnerability, he sees how she is attractive inside and out and they mutually kiss to set off their new clandestine relationship, afterall, they have reputations to uphold.

Apparently I have seen Josh Zuckerman in Desperate Housewives as creepy rapist/murder Eddie Orlofsky, and he’s got a decent career going in film and TV. Scariest part–he’s so young, born in 1985 and I like his looks?!

2 comments to The hot guys of 90210

  • Ed

    That’s fresh. An Asian chick on the internet talking about how hot white guys (or caucasian looking guys) are.

  • Catch Star Girl

    finding manish dayal and josh zuckerman pleasant to watch, of that i am guilty. i really intended to highlight just manish because he is a visible minority–i hadn’t thought of him looking caucasian at all. and threw in a mention of josh due to his previous role on desperate housewives that i watched, and also for being a “hot” nerd.

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